amelia (mmmbopthis) wrote,

Amelia Worth and the Harry Potter Release Party

Like the good castlehogwarts headmistress that I am, I went to a release party. Oh yes. Soooo...back up...

Suz was invited to a wedding this weekend in The Coos, so I thought I'd hitch a ride with her since, well, I live here in Coos Bay too. But I had a frightening dilemma - do I stay in Eugene and go to an awesome release party and know virtually noone and not be able to buy my book till I get my financial aid on monday, or do I go home to Coos Bay and go to a smaller release party with people I know and not get my book till tuesday/wednesday?

So I chose the latter, and called up Linda Dawson (read = mother of my now-married ex-boyfriend) to see if her and her daughter wanted to go to the release party in the Coos. So we went and it was freaking awesometastic! We met Doris there (I love you!) and then I saw a buttload of people I knew.

I gotta tell you, there were some fucking amazing costumes tonight, I'm really sad I didn't bring a camera. :-( James Kelley and his girlfriend were there as Lockhart (squee!) and a veela, respectively (James, you'd best post those pix!), and I think the best costumes were Winky (adorable) a very young Umbridge (complete with educational decrees who won first place in the costume contest), a couple dressed as a (ricockulously good looking, but I would expect no less) Lucius Malfoy and Aunt Petunia (and the best part) they brought their young son in a basket as Baby Harry. There were a gaggle of Harrys and Hermiones, a troupe of dementors, two groups of The Weird Sisters three Trelawnys, a Lupin, a Salazar Slytherin (!) and a Hagrid with moss on his head for hair (but the guy was really hot). I just wore my Slytherin sweatshirt (with my name on the back) seen Image hosted by but not very well. Saw bunches of people I knew, of course (Come on, it's me and the CB).

Linda and I sat there chatting and commenting on costumes, and I realized how much I missed her...she's amazing. In that motherly kind of way. She freaking gave me money to buy my copy of HBP in Eugene. Like my third mom.

And some fucker scanned in spoilers of the book and didn't put them behind a cut and posted them in castlehogwarts so now everyone has to have moderated posts and it's driving me nuts. I fucking hate asshats. But I love Linda.
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