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Laura redtoffee and I were talking, and she wanted pix of here ya go. :-)

One of the oldest buildings on the U of Oregon campus, Deady Hall

here's a shot of Eugene and Mount Pisgah (I think?) from Skinner's Butte.

I took this pic at one of my favorite spots in Eugene, Alton Baker Park.
Image hosted by

This isn't in Eugene, but it's another beautiful place, Wizard Island at Crater Lake Park. I took the pic (I think. haha).
Image hosted by

I took the two following outside of Portland, two hours north of Eugene
Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Whoa! Autzen stadium! That short one is me...
Image hosted by

*shrugs* y'all have probably seen some of those before.

Wobblies tomorrow night! *squee* be there or be square.
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