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Take another little piece of my heart now, baby

Well, Mom came, bought me stuff, we talked, and then she left. I like her, I'm kinda partial to her. I think I'll keep her. AND she gave me a WHOLE ROLL of Oregon quarters. Don't you wish your mom was that cool? Oh yeah.

We both kind of decided that it was best if I stayed in Eugene. I think part of her doesn't want me back in the nest - she's definitely pursuing things that she couldn't/didn't when I was around. I'm happier here, and I'll make it work. It will work.

And if I go back to the hospital? I go with zeal (*puke*) and I come with art projects, a computer, and two bodacious wigs that I've kept around. And goddamnit, it'll be a-okay. Because you can't go through life if you're dead, right?

Besides, if I badger the 'rents enough, they might move up here - Kym's been accepted into the architecture program here at the U of O and she's been aching to move up here for a while now. Mom just doesn't want to deal with it. Operation Badger the 'Rents.

Suz and I moved about 80 gajillion pounds of stuff yesterday. I found a bookshelf and even though it's kind of ugly, once we got it in the apartment and cleaned it and dressed it up with looks damn good. Seriously. I can't stop looking at it. It looks like we have a real apartment now. Although we're moving in two months. haha.

Yup. Fourth of July. *drums fingers, annoyed* Don't get me wrong. (yes, this is one of THOSE speels) I heart what this country is supposed to be - in theory. Man those guys signing the Declaration of Independence had the right idea - but *shrugs* stupidasses in subsequent years kinda fucked it up.

Then again, communism works in theory.

PS. I'm supposed to ask the_duke - that live8 meeting thing - was that in Edinburough?

PPS: Kyrie Eleison = latin Greek - my resident Catholic was wrong. also = catholic. *looks around* you don't care, do you?
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