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Chalky chalkity chalk chalk

Dude, after you write "chalk" enough times, it starts to look fuuuuuny. Anyway, Brandiabrandilyn was kind enough to take pix of the chalking that we did last week,

Tom up_on_the_roof made a mandala.
Image hosted by

I liked watching people's reactions when they saw what I wrote:
Image hosted by

I also drew rainbowsaurus (well, actually two of them!) but you can't see them that well (I have a rainbowsaurus painting hanging on my wall courtesy of Andy at a christmas party a while ago, but it doesn't look nearly as cool as this one):
Image hosted by

and I drew some oceanography. woot!
Image hosted by

Mom's coming today. She was originally coming to talk stuff out in person, although today I feel like I want to stay here. Undoubtedly I'll freak out and change my mind (again) in a week. But it'll be good to have her here. woot!

I think my nose is having a stupid reaction to my nose ring - it keeps doing the trickle-bleeding thing, but only out of that nostril. Which is weird because I've had my nose pierced for two allergies then?

Urgh. I hate doing double posts for no reason other than I'll save the rest for another day.
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