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I sure do love life right now. I don't know what it is. Things that shouldn't be thought of as being positive suddenly are. I love my life. And no, I am not doing any drugs.

I got the RA position that I wanted. I am sooo stoked. Naima wanted me to come to Las Vegas this summer, partly to do RA-ish stuff, partly to hang out and watch her band and go to other shows and party and I have never been to Las Vegas before. I think I am gonna ask Sean if he wants to go, make it a road trip. Hot damn, that would be sooo much fun!

I got my hair cut yesterday. I am usually so fucking picky about it, and usually (well, in the past, I have been known to) cry after getting it cut, regardless of a job well-done. But I went to precision cuts, where you style it yourself afterwards, and it was a decent job, and I don't care. I think that is a huge step in my life (okay, one small step for hair, one giant leap for my outlook on life). I see it as a symbol of growing up and not caring about how I look and not having to be perfect, and becoming just a little bit more relaxed. Maybe that is why I am loving life so much right now. And I know that this feeling could change at any minute, so I am soaking it up like a --SPONGE- okay, that was from the philly cheese steak commercial, and coincidentally, colin.

Anyway! I took a wonderfully long bike ride today. I went to goodwill and bought some stuff, and then I had some more time to kill, so I rode all the way to old navy and TJ maxx. I bought some dance pants for next term's ballet class. I am stoked. It began to rain and I didn't care. Some people yelled at me and I didn't care. My debit card didn't work and I didn't care. I didn't go to my astro class today, and i didn't care. ( final grade might, though...)
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