amelia (mmmbopthis) wrote,

Kingdom of Heaven

So, I'm actually incredibly embarrassed for Ridley Scott.

I mean, the miracle that was Gladiator? The Alien movies? And then he goes being a stupid ass making Kingdom of Heaven. Siriusly, you'd think I, the epic-fanatic, would like it.

(Don't worry, these aren't spoilers, unless you're stupid and don't know your history).

The best thing I can say about it is that Orlando Bloom looks good. Maybe it's because he doesn't look like himself? Oh, and his nurse-y poo Professor Lupin David Thewlis was in it, and sumbitch that doesn't like him happens to be the same guy who plays Menalaus in TROY, or, for you HP fanatics, Mad Eye Moody in movie!Gof - Brenden Gleeson. Oh, and Dr. Bashir is some important guy to the Muslims.

Bryon fell asleep towards the end of the movie, but he didn't miss much - Troy Jerusalem was taken over by some angry mobsters...and by angry mobsters, I mean the Muslims, who it actually belonged to. Well, kind of. Sort of. In that whole "my religion superceeds your religion" kind of thing. So...yeah.

And some old men died. Rock!
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