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Okay, so first off, I'm in the EMU computer lab and there's a girl with a bird on her shoulder talking on her cell phone at a computer. Freaky woman.

Second, there's a girl that looks like a Romulan who was totally jeopardizing Hot Guy's (his real name is Justin) time today in lab. Does she realize that I've thought he was hot for two and a half years? Probably not, trick ass ho. Oh, I forgot. She's Romulan and therefor is above petty feelings. Trick ass [Romulan] ho. :-)

Third, and probably most amusing is that our Geology professor called Alaska "The garbage pit of North America." Because that's where geologic stuff is pushed to when noone wants it. Kind of.

Fourth - who would come to a Red White and Blue Fourth of July/Just for the hell of it party on the second? If not enough, then I might reconsider my plan. Just a thought.
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