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I went to Corvallis last night with Andy for a show. Alter Ego (Andy's brother's friend's band with a hot lead singer who was singing "My own worst enemy" out of the blue and made him that much hotter), who played punk rock, and The wobblies (Andy's really good friend's band with hot singer, AJ, who was soo precious!), hard core old school punk rock whose songs I am officially in love with.

So, we went to the show, and it was amazing. It made me really nastalgic for old school coos bay shows at the legion with back wash and the 12mcfcrc. Prior to the show, Andy told me about the name of AJ's band, I guess the Wobblies were a labor union who were indicted for killing some high ranking officials, and the president roosevelt got all pissed and stuff and they basically told him to fuck off, or something like that. So all their songs are about how the government sucks and a shitty system. Good stuff.

And then after the show, we went to a party at this couple's really nice house. There was house music/ R&B shit blaring, totally not what I expected, but it was good. I talked to AJ a lot, him and Andy and this other guy Brian all went to Thurston together and have known each other for ever. AJ was so cute! He has this adorable little face, a cute little sheepish smile, all on this huge six foot something body with fat ass combat boots and shit. It was so cute. I met his brother, Ty, the drummer, and the other guys from the band. Andy had class @ 9 this morning, so we left at about 1:30. On our way out, AJ gave me this cute little hadshake and told me I should come hang out with them again some time soon. And then when Andy and i were walking back to the car, I tee-hee'd and Andy was all paranoid cuz I wouldn't tell him why.

And then, on the way home, he starts bitching about his girlfriend out of the middle of nowhere. About how she doesn't have any time for him and she doesn't care for him and how he can't remember why he fell for her in the first place. So I told him flat out that he needed to do something about it. Obviously, he is a very easy-going and laid back person by nature, but that he deserved better. And he just kept bitching! Not like that is going to do anything for my predictament with him, she encourages him to hang out with me. I am his "only girl friend here." (exact quote). He's like, "I don't know why, I just can't be friends with a girl. Except you." And then I asked him, "what, is it just do them or ditch them?" And he was like, "yeah, basically." So, apparently he doesn't see me that way. Or he does and thinks I don't. He makes me miss Paul and John. And then he asked me if I was seeing any hot guys lately. hahaha. no. He is still way too excited for his own good to take me to coos bay.

OMG! We were talking about parking lots and handicapped spots, and he told me that his brother used to have one for a little bit because he was handicapped. (This all DOES have a point). "Because he got shot." OMG! They all went to thurston high. And he got shot by Kip Kinkle. Proof:
List of Thurston shooting victims killed or hospitalized
(Age shown is age on day of shooting, May 21, 1998.)

Mikael Nickolauson, 17
Ben Walker, 16

Jennifer Alldredge, 17, wound to chest/hand/neck
Ryan Atteberry, 17, wound to face
Sara Branom, 15, wound to right thigh
Tony Case, 17, wound to chest/abdomen/leg
Nathan Cole, 17, wound to abdomen
Tabitha Fain, 14, wound to thigh
Melissa Femrite, 16, wound to left forearm
Trina Harty, 17, wound to left leg
Kyle Howes, 16, broken tibia and lacerated thigh
Betina Lynn, 18, wound to ankle
Carolyn McClain, 15, wound to right arm
Elizabeth McKenzie, 15, wound to left hip
Tara McMullen, 15, broken right rib
Teresa Miltonberger, 16, wound to head
Christina Osburn, 17, gunshot wound to pelvis
Joshua Pearson, 17, wounded in buttocks
Richard Peek, 17, wound to left arm
Amber Ramsey, 15, wound to right hip
Jacob Russell Ryker, 17, wounded in chest, hand
Melissa Taylor, 15, wound to shoulder
Gabriel Thomas, 17, wound to left shoulder
Jesse Walley, 16, wound to stomach

fourth one down on the wounded list. I couldn't believe it. I found that on the net this morning. I was sooo shocked! I sat there and stared at it this morning.
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