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New Comic!

I realized after I scanned it in for 20 minutes how UNFUNNY it was. But still. It has a story behind it. Like all good comics.

So I was sitting there (like ya do) and thinking about Harry Potter (like ya do), and somehow I got to thinking about Mad-Eye (like ya do, but only if you're nuts and a little off your rocker). Except in my mind I called him Alabastor Moody. Is this only funny to me? Because then I got this picture in my mind of this ginormous plaster wall turning people into ferrets with it's evil eye. Thus,

Image hosted by
Image hosted by
Image hosted by
Image hosted by
Image hosted by

but by the time I'd actually scanned them in, I realized his best friend's name was RON not ROB, thus "Rob Roy" became unfunny. But if y'all like it, there's more where this came from.

So everyone's moved out of the apartment complex, and now my wifi is incredibly low because I only have one source to steal it from and whereever it is, it's far away. Grr.

Am home, happy to be with my kitten. My summer break is now over (that was a nice five days, no?) Back to the grindstone with an eight hour class a day for one week. Yay four credits!

Oh yeah, I got an A on geology_308. He really liked it and thought it was a really original idea.

Took a lot of pix today which mom will send to me tomorrow. Naima, I have a surprise for you.
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