amelia (mmmbopthis) wrote,

I'm still in shock that my parents GAVE me a playstation 2 AND DDR. I'm convinced, though, that XBOX has better games - all the empire games and mortal kombat. Does anyone know if Mortal Kombat is out on Nintendo 64? My parents gave me that one, too, a long time ago. Silly wonderful parents. In celebration today, though, we rented Katamari Damace. It's intense.

There was something else I was gonna say, but I don't remember. I'm effing done with finals and that's rad and I'm stoked. I'm going home on friday and I'm stoked about being home for a while.

Crap! What was I gonna say?! I dunno...lame. I'm reading the Iliad. Swell.

Anyone wanna go out tonight? POTC at my place tonight. Be there or be square.
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