amelia (mmmbopthis) wrote,

Last weekend of the school year and I'm working on homework...rock...

Ugh. geology_308 will be the death of me. Thank god I only have so much time left to fail - it's due tomorrow.

As did half the U of Oregon, I too went to OTR's ITD. I could say a lot about it, and I could say very little about it at the same time. I've lost touch with a group of friends or so called friends that I thought I was very close to and it makes me sad that I can't even say hi to them any more. And if I do, she wouldn't reply. I don't think she realized or cared to realize or wanted to realize that I was even looking at her last night. It just reminds me of all the shit that's happened this last year, and just knowing that it's not my shit, it's more like...a bunch of shit that I might be attached to. Or at least most of it.

Kind of like Jessica and how I've bent over backwards to get ahold of her and repair whatever stupidness we have left to repair (dude, she left her bowls here, I'm just trying to give them back, but she's being all weird about it and would probably rather buy new bowls than just come over and get them. whatever).

Oh, well. Learn from your mistakes, right?

The Father Unit sent me "What the bleep do we know" but I refuse to watch it till after finals.

Speaking of finals, I'm coming home this weekend, and going back on sunday. If you wanna hang out, or if I wanna see you (there are a few of you that I'm going to be stalking), be prepared.
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