amelia (mmmbopthis) wrote,

Kinda rushed. But just enough time to mention some things.

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El Capitano: Crazy neurotic woman who has set up Base Camp in her office.. she swears to never leave.
Teh FO: Is quite possibly the Genius of The Verse and Dishy to boot. Has hunches. Follows them. Saves the Day.
Chief Mal: May have had the Party of the Century with a crew of bawdy klingons.. may never know what exactly occured.
Dizzy: Has been married at least 300 times.. plans to add practically everone in the Alpha Quadrant to her Andorian Harem.
Ze Doc: Has been subtly seducing the entire station with her Southern Charm. Has a very large canine that eats furniture.
Mads: Is teh King of Angst. Quite fancies The Doc but feels a bit guilty as it interferes with him being Stuffy and Olde Fashioned.
Turbolifty: Cult Icon of Empok Nor, Turbolifty the Romulan Cat swings like a monkey with feline grace. Plans to take over The Station.

I had a dream about Sterling and Anyssa, which will be important to noone but me, because I met them once in Montana. Dunno why they've had such a big impact on me four years later. *shrugs*

Am having biopsy on thursday. Continue to feel like shit. Went out last thursday (two nights ago) and danced the night away with Annie, Dave, Suz, Carrie, Davide, Chris, and some really old freak who I didn't know. I mean that fucker was like...40 something.

Quite a real possibility that I'm not returning to school next fall, but won't know anything till after the morphine lolly. goodies.
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