amelia (mmmbopthis) wrote,

Well, there was no dinner with the boy, but a movie with friends which was probably better anyway.

Nothing new to update, except that a) I have a biopsy next thursday, b) Kathy's doing great, and c) the best news of all:

For my final geology project, I have to make a webpage or something about geology. And since I'm no HTML goddess, I decided to instead make an LJ comm called geology_308 and have LJs for the three regions that I'm covering and make them all first person entries. i.e. klamath_mts: time: pleistocene era. "today I was folded due to the juan de fuca plate subducting under me. Am squished by the coast range" and have the other regions, aka coast_range reply "sod off, you're blocking my folding to will_valley." Bloody brilliant, eh? Of course, it'll all be more indepth than that, though...
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