amelia (mmmbopthis) wrote,

Okay, seriously freaking out. I am in an emergency situation. elly_ah gave me all these override codes to make a new layout and the stupid fuck that I am fucked it up. So I kept the override colors that she had and in an attempt to not fuck it up further, I used the overrides that John the_duke made for intrepidclass. Holy shit! I'm freakin' out, someone wanna help me fix the overrides? It didn't have a side bar and couldn't get to anything, comments/flist/anything. Help!

PS: Don't you guys DARE ping me for your_layout_sux cuz you can't see the links at the top. I realize this, I have 20 min before I leave for work and will fix it there.

9:12 AM edit: It looks somewhat better for the time being, but I fudged a lot of things. I just spent the last 75 minutes making the background look like that. ugh.
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