amelia (mmmbopthis) wrote,

In retrospect, I shouldn't have done it. I mean, I know at least a few of OTR knows me by name, and he was staying with Divisi girls...damnit, I am stupid. I just don't want to be considered a slut. I know at least bradford knows who I am...and they all saw me with him (kenny) last night...damn me!

I don't regret at all the actions, if it were someone other than him, the beat box from the octet, it wouldn't be that bad. But it was a once in a life time thing, first time for me...but noone here knows that...oh, well...damn, I shouldn't dwell on things like that.

I am not upset that it was a one shot deal, I just don't know if he was wearing severe beer goggles or anything, cuz he could have had any girl in the room practically. Okay, I am just being dumb. But seriously! He was a total sweety, we talked a lot, good convo, and he seemed really interested and cute...but he was drunk. So enough of that. No more dwelling. good bye.
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