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Today must have been the craziest and weirdest chain of events...

So, I had my RA interviews today. They went surprisingly well. It was great, I had both individual (which included a hot boy...) and in my group, there were all Kaylene, Jeremiah, and Andrew (bekken) (another hot boy, they are both a lot alike...)

So, then I went to the OTR concert with Naima, Logan, Erin, a few of her friends, Tyler, and most likely some others that I can't remember. Anyway, it was amazing. Jeanne, they sang "In the End" all a capella-ed out. It was incredible. Well, there were three other groups singing too, the girl's divisi, the men's octect from Cal State, and a jazz group from there. They were really good. After they were done, they came up to the balcony, and the hot beat-box guy from cal sat next to me.

So, we go to Jeremy's (a guy from OTR) house for a party, and it was all mardi-gras style.

hahaha. Jeremy himself came outside to pee, but he couldn't make it, and he was too drunk to get back, and then he slipped on a frozen garden burger on the way back. It was way funny.

And then Leticia was there, the girl from stand up comedy night who I swear is stalking me. :-) she is soooo rad. I love her to death. If I could marry her mind, I would, she is sooooo funny.

But enough of that, because amelia is tired and glad that she found a cute boy and even more glad that she had the guts to turn down sex. go me. good night.
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