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I fucking hate this school.

What people think is politically correct and cutting edge diversity is really segregation. Do we live in the fucking 6th century? Gee, I thought Brown vs. Board of Education HAD passed and we had instituted a whole new learning system and everything.

Goddamnit. Diversity is a THOUGHT not segregation. I can't believe they actually fucking still DO segregate people on campus. Or won't let seniors into sophomore level classes because they save spaces for "students of color." OMG DIE OREGON DIE.

I cannot believe that I go to such a backwards school. Oh, wait, yes I can. Because the KKK headquarters were in Tillamook, Oregon and the reason we didn't have slave is that Black people weren't allowed in Oregon. Oh, how I loathe Oregon, this school and the stupid people in it.

You know, this girl in my writing class, when talking about stereotypes, was all, "I guess indians are like, alcoholics or something?"

Holy Shit.

Okay, a) they're not indians because they don't live in India. They aren't blocked off of China by a ginormous mountain range. They are Native Americans, which is NOT a crazy PC term, it is in fact the truth. They are native to the Americas. As a matter of fact, this America. b) They are NOT alcoholics. They have a low tolerance to alcohol because whiteys introduced them to alcohol (and small pox, but that's a different story), and so they've only had 200 years to become tolerant. Imagine getting piss drunk off of one drink. Oh, wait...that happens to me all the either they only had 200 years to adapt or they all had leukemia.

Fucking bigots.
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