amelia (mmmbopthis) wrote,

This will probably only make sense to the Eugenians.

As I was sitting in the theater at the Bijou last night waiting for the fabulous movie that it "Millions" with Eric last night, there was a short film before the showing. About DDR nonetheless. All those little kids in the EMU break that always hog the DDR machine? Yeah, they're in a movie and you aren't. Among them, I saw Mendel and Tater (and by Tater, I mean Tyler).

Oh, and speaking about Tater, I saw Billiam a few days ago, Naima. When he was my RA three years ago, he was dating (or having sex with) this girl. We'll call said girl "Betty." Anyway, so Betty turns out to be an anth major and I have her in all my classes. So every time I see her, I think, "Dude, my RA hit that." So when I saw him the other day, I told him the story of Betty and exactly those words. "Billiam, every time I see her I think 'Dude, my RA hit that.'" He laughed.
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