amelia (mmmbopthis) wrote,

I Love Lamp

Potluck in the Park today. Craziness ensued due to lack of coordination. All in all, it was good though. Had fun. Good music, good food, and good friends. Fell and hit my friends<-- that's actually funnier than what I really hit. haha. But good times. I hope this isn't the end of it all.

Softball practice yesterday day. I was the only one NOT hung over so those who played outfield performed such verbs as "mosey" and "meander" and "saunter" when completing plays. It made for an interesting practice, considering that there were four of us and three fourths of 'us' compromised fashion.

I got some good news this week - I get to work at work over the summer!! Okay, that sounded stupid. So I have work study. And we were worried that I wasn't gonna be able to work at Student Life over the summer. It turns out that Paul can't work there so whoohoo! Guess who gets to keep her job year round? moi!

GoF trailer = love. And by love I mean excitement by the gallon. *points at icon*

I heart Vince Vaughn.
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