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She lives vicariously through her vagina

(about andy)
Amelialaine: yeah, basically. I mean, I just don't know about this whole gf thing. and even if we did get together, how would I know that he wasn't playing both of us?
Fredricka22: right. that is exactly the sort of thing you need to be watchful of.... hey maybe it's best to just view it as a secondary thing, and LET yourself be played....? hehe
(about colin)
Fredricka22: that's a viable thing too.... oh and btw you know how you were saying he was just trying to prove to adrianna he wasn't gay or whatever....
Amelialaine: yay. why?
Fredricka22: well (don't think i'm a ho) if he needs to prove it some more i'd always be open to helping him prove it....;-)
Fredricka22: tehe
Amelialaine: you didn't just say that, did you?
Amelialaine: that's not cool at all
Fredricka22: LOL
Fredricka22: i don't mean it, like for real
Fredricka22: like, don't be mad or anything
Fredricka22: BUT....
Amelialaine: no, it just kinda seems like you want him.
Fredricka22: because I know you totally liked him
Fredricka22: he is attractive, that's all
Fredricka22: i'm not all like "ooh, colin, now he's not with amelia, i'm gonna get in on some of that"
Fredricka22: NO not at all
Amelialaine: well, don't take this the wrong way, but that just seems really rude
Fredricka22: you're right, i am sorry i don't know what came over me
Fredricka22: i am stupid
Fredricka22: are you mad?
Amelialaine: kind of
Fredricka22: i am really sorry... lately i can't seem to make it through a whole day witout doing something really dumb
Fredricka22: I was having a pretty good day with that so far... i don't know what is up with me
Amelialaine: I honestly, for the first time, don't know what to say
Fredricka22: so, yeah i understand if you're upset because now you're porbably going to look way differently on like everything, but i assure you i've only ever had good intentions
Fredricka22: Is that a good thing or a bad thing?
Amelialaine: I don't know. I mean, he isn't mine to have dibs on or anything, but that kind of hurt. Cuz apparently I wasn't good enough or the real thing or whatever, and that was just kind of rubbing salt in an open wound. I am basically over it and everything, but it was getting dumped, nonetheless
Amelialaine: it isn't like there was a lot of emotional attachment, and I told you that, but it is just the fact that I wasn't good enough kind of thing
Fredricka22: Yes, you are absolutely right. i still wouldn't think of it so much as getting dumped, i just think your relationship was always weird and un-defined, just trying to fit other people's standards, so I highly doubt it was because you're not good enough!!! The circumstances just weren't right, and it is HE who wasn't good enough (and i do mean that!)
Fredricka22: i guess i was just trying to commiserate or something? sometimes i forget which thoughts should be kept inside my head
Fredricka22: but the "relationship" or whatever DID mean a lot to you
Fredricka22: so i am just a retard
Amelialaine: yeah, it did. Like I said, I am over it now, and it just kinda hurt. but whatever
Fredricka22: oh, don't say that, i am sad now...
Amelialaine: don't be
Fredricka22: but you're still annoyed, i can tell
Amelialaine: umm...more like in shock
Fredricka22: oh.... well maybe just pretend i didn't actually say it....?
Fredricka22: ....even though you can't do that, never mind....
Amelialaine: I'll get over it
Fredricka22: awww....
Fredricka22: anyway, were you thinking of doing something with andy on friday night?
Amelialaine: I dunno
Amelialaine: maybe
Amelialaine: if there isn't a party at colin's that I get invited to
Fredricka22: well you should come to the annex!it will be fun
Fredricka22: tee hee
Amelialaine: I dunno...maybe.
Fredricka22: has anything else happened with his roomie or whatever that you thought liked you?
Fredricka22: do you still want to do the common grounds thingy?
Amelialaine: no. he is kinda not my type. saturday?
Fredricka22: oui
Amelialaine: most likely.
Fredricka22: yay
Amelialaine: it depends on how drunk I am
Fredricka22: EXACTLY
Fredricka22: i need to be way drunker than i was last time
Amelialaine: well, I don't like all the RA's knowing I am drunk, cuz I am trying to be one next year
Fredricka22: true true....
Fredricka22: when will you find out?
Amelialaine: I dunno. before spring term
Fredricka22: i know a lot of people who are trying to be FA's
Amelialaine: yeah. I don't wanna do that. I don't have the gpa
Fredricka22: what do FA's do?
Amelialaine: figs
Fredricka22: ah....
Amelialaine: yeah. I gotta get going. I will talk to you later
Fredricka22: ok, i should too
Amelialaine: lata
Fredricka22: I am really sorry if i offended you
Amelialaine: I'll get over it
Fredricka22: ok....:-(

This was a convo about ten minutes ago between me and my friend Sarah, the one with the issues. I think that she has major self-image issues and she can only feel good about her body if she has relations with a guy. And then she tries to change the subject? What the hell? It was slightly edited slightly for content, but I can't believe she had the audacity to say those things. what a fucking slut.
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