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for Brandi

from fighting_dreamr:

1.) The getting-to-know-you question: What would you prefer: an eternal winter where snow never fell on the roads, or an eternal summer with swarms of bugs that never leave?

Does the snow fall not on the roads? I dunno, I like summer alright I guess...I mean, we're two weeks into the warm season and I'm ready for my rain to come back. So really, I'll take the snow. I like snow. I don't like bugs and I don't like being fucking warm - it's like the inferno. So I choose snow. Because you can't make a heat angel but you sure as hell can make a snow angel!

2.) The digging-a-bit-deeper question: What is one of your favorite life memories.

Holy cow woman, make me think, why don't you? I look back on college and only a few people stand out. It's weird. I think testing for my adult black belt at age 16 and breaking a brick with my hand certainly qualifies for an achievement (I'm currently a second degree black belt). But one time I hiked up Spencer's Butte with Andy and that was a lot of fun and the view was really shitty and it rained on us, but that was just fun. I love hiking/rock climbing/biking/outdoorsy stuff - it just makes me feel so alive.

3.) The serious question: Could you ever empathize with Lord Voldemort? Why or why not?

Yes. Because he's just a simple man who, when given an ounce of power, turned it into something extraordinary (I swear, you give boys an inch and they take a mile!!) No really. I think maybe he needed more hugs as a kid or something? He did something so magnificent, he set out to do something, no matter how terrible, and he accomplished it. "There is no good or evil, only power, and those to weak to seek it." Sound familiar?

4.) The, "I'd like to know that about mmmbopthis question: What is your favorite Hanson song and why?

"A minute without you" It makes me happy and reminds me of someone. (BTW, I'm currently wearing the same green hanson shirt that Carrie wore in the first - or was it second? - season episode of "Sex and the City")

5.) The question reserved for a random page from my "Would you rather...?" book: Would you rather have increased charm when on the tundra OR have unquestionable priority when it comes to using mutual armrests in public theaters?

Did you come up with this question? Quite amazing, indeed. I don't really think that I would need to charm permafrost, so I'll go with the unquestionable priority. I like armrests and I like public theaters, and I'm a slytherin, so I like to have unquestionable priority when using said armrests in said public theaters.


That was exausting! Wanna be interviewed? Reply and I'll do the same to you!

Why even update with my life? I think a pretty accurate current description of my life can be found in the book "Gone with the Wind." Check it out.

oh, except for this: My kitten just fell in the toilet. Funny how things that belong to me end up in the toilet, no?
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