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so. damn. full.

Celebration of Life. Which would have been a lot more like another funeral for her but the annoying main presenter fucking droned on and on and on and on...dude, I think he could outdo the energizer bunny!! Never, ever, under any circumstances, allow a counsellor/psychologist to be the main presenter at a "Celebration of Life." Not only did he distastefully use the words "death" and "dying" far too much for the general non-psychology public (i.e. those happy "parrots" who like terms such as "moved on" or "passed away"), he also talked waaaay too much and cited such Unity books (okay, some points to him for using Unity Church materials) such as Conversations with God, etc. Freaky new-agey types who talk too much *half-assed points at self*

Suffice to say, I didn't bother crying because I was so annoyed at the longwindedness (is that a word?) of this annoying, overanalyzing prat. I'd hate to see the way he would sort people. OMG. Can't imagine a squib vote (BTW, the harry potter quote was super popular *grins*)

enter four characters:

Dr. Buchanan: A young oncologist. 28 years old. He's Quite good looking. Married, with children, but we don't let that get in the way most of the time. Quite a charmer and a good flirt.

Dr. Roa: My oncologist. A late 30's woman, first gen from the Dominican Republic. We love her. She's drop dead gorgeous, with amazing hair and better fashion sense than any Banana Republic model. We get along fairly well, although she thinks I should stop being such a 21-year-old.

Steroids: Last year, when I got poison oak, the doctors decided I should take some steroids to lessen the spread (hey, at least we discovered that I'm super allergic to the damn plant). You know what 'roid rage is? When you take steroids, you get super edgy and want to strangle everything (wait...that's different than any other day amelia has???)



Dr. Roa: Your counts aren't coming up. I think we're going to put you back on steroids.


me: well...I don't really want to go on them.

Dr. Roa: *bitch please look*

me: I don't really like the way they make me feel *mumble mumble* 'roid rage *mumble mumble*

Dr. Roa: well, I'll just make all your appointments for Dr. Buchanan then. *ginormous smile*

*points at icon* my two favorite things: geography and HP jokes.

*points at stupid words in asterik brackets* I'm going nucking futs.
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