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How can you say freedom and war in the same breath? Honestly? Your article was not only ignorant, but it was un-convincing at best. "Never really finished the job"? This isn't a painting job someone did poorly on, if we "finish the job" by your standards, America and Bush himself would be committing crimes against humanity (put it in the perspective of WW2. How many Nazi officers were assassinated post-war for assisting in the unjustifiable holocaust of approximately six million Jews, Gypsies, and other non-Aryan peoples?) that could lead to nuclear war and mass destruction for human kind. Furthermore, I was enraged by your article headline, "Time for action against Iraq." How dare you assume that the entire nation of Iraq is attempting to obliterate the United States! This is about one man, a man I agree that should be dealt with accordingly, but to condemn his entire nation - think about it in terms of the US. Imagine a country 22 (approximately - times larger than our nation, having sent missiles over to us for a number of years now, and our president threatening the country. The views of our president are not necessarily the views of his or her citizens (well, that isn't much of a stretch), and makes poor international policy decisions. Suddenly the threatening country wants to obliterate our entire nation due to our leader's poor choices. How would you feel? Do you justify killing 24,001,816 (July 2002 est.) innocent lives to destroy one man? Now I am not defending Hussein by any means, but this is a message to everyone out there: Think before you act! The actions of today could have repercussions spanning the next few centuries. Please, for the sake of the human race, consider someone other than yourself. Thank you. Sincerely, Amelia Worth

I wrote this in response to a really ignorant guest editor in the daily emerald today. I hope it gets published. she was sooo dumb.

I went out with andy last night. We went out to Cafe Paridiso. It was sooo rad. There was a guy there with a few of his friends, and they all played acoustic guitar, about five of them, and andy taught me to play chess. We played for about an hour. It was soo much fun! It was just all laid back. I am starting to really like him. And that is bad, cuz a) he has a bf in LA, and b) he cheated on her, anyway. Besides, why would he date me? I am little and young...and he is way fun. Damnit!

Naima is writing a poem for logan. It's cute. She isn't a tool. Just for the reference.
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