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Evil plot to take over Greek Row.

I've made an executive decision that there are FAR too many student groups on campus. I mean, it's my fault with NWPCS, but like...there are student groups for specialty EVERYTHING. Seriously, like every day I walk by the bookstore, there are different groups doing bake sale-y stuff. The bake sales don't bother me, but the fact that there are so. many. student groups, it makes me want to scream. Greek life. Amnesty UO. NWPCS. Take back the night. College Democrats. College asshats Republicans. Men's club. Nontraditional student union. Men who bare children union. Purple student union. Cheese appreciation club. OMFG. Too many. Everyone and their mom can have a club. I can start anything I want and get ASUO sanction from it. If it wasn't a good cause, I would think that NWPCS is a waste of time. And the fucking worst part? I really hate the old man that sits in the EMU (Student Union thingie) with the "Cannibus appreciation club" or whatever. I hate that guy. I hate pot. I can't believe he sits there expecting students to join his "pot for people" club. ARGH!!!

I live on what's considered "Greek Row." I live on 17th street. Between 13th and 18th, there are nine greek houses. NINE. I really really freaking want to just walk by a sorostitute brothel Sorority house when a buttload of them are sitting there/standing there, burning their epidermis to a nice brown crisp and fart really loudly. Or like, pass some of them on the way to class and just let 'er rip. Because I planned it, I would laugh a heinous laugh. Or maybe just a ginormous belch would do it. note to self: drink a lot of carbonated beverages the next time you walk by Kappa Delta. I want to see their reactions and laugh at them when they give me that "bitch please" look. *maniacal laughter* Victory is mine!

Lunch with Murray. Softball game tonight. Go, bitches!! Come watch us play!
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