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Well, I had a long convo with John on the way back to Coos Bay. I guess he thought that Paul and I were screwing the whole time that we were there. That's kind of funny. We weren't. I ahve never had sex with Paul. I don't kwon if that is a good thing or a bad thing. Even my mom thought we were, and when I told her that we weren't, she was astonished! Oh, well. I swear, I am not a slut. I just happen to really like this guy and everyone thinks him and I are fucking like no tomorrow. I guess he really doesn't have a gf, he just says that. Or so John says. I mean, him and her aren't official or anything. I don't know...I really like this guy, I just might be in love with heim, only he is a complete jerk sometimes. John told me one theory on why Paul wanted me to come to montana was to have sex with him. Well, he should have tried a little harder. I mean, I don't know if I would have done it, but he didn't try very hard. I don't know! I am so confused, he was such an ass to me on the way home.
I am currently working for some of my mom's co-workers at Century 21. Not very much, but at least I am getting paid to do something other than wash piggy-people's dishes in the heart of methpire, USA. Oh, well. three more weeks till Eugene, baby!!
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