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You try to let go of the past even if the future is uncertain

I really don't feel like I've learned anything this year. Not like...taken stupid classes, it's more like, I look back on this school year with 4 1/2 weeks left of the school year and I see nothing significant in terms of academics. I see people and places and incidents...but not knowledge. I don't feel any smarter than last year, any closer to graduating, any closer to my destination. Can I have my money back?

OMG I think I'm watching Lost. I've never seen it before, but my flist is all about it. God that blonde girl better quit screaming. Ew. Blood. Haha. Dom's an addict. Holy crap. I'm mesmerized. (Lost fans: is there something on the island, like a monster or something that keeps killing the survivors? I'm so confused!)

Okay, anyway! (Commercial Break). I was nominated for two (well, three, but I barely-respectably declined one) positions for next year's exec. I'm up against Sarah, Annie, and Dave, to name a few. I dunno...I'm super burnt out on APO, but I wouldn't mind doing Fellowship. Dave? Any suggestions??? Haha.

Last softball game of the season tomorrow! Everyone should come!

I get to meet Jesse pluckmyeyeout in two days! Whee!!
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