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Susie's like a parsletongue, only a cat-el-tongue

My mouth has been raped by the hot hot pizza.

But I guess it's not rape if my mouth enjoyed it. Oh, the trials and tribulations of fantastic pizza.

Last night as I was going to bed at 7:30 pm Taylor the kitten attacked my eyelid. Now I have a beautiful shade of vermillion on one eyelid and no makeup on the other. I look like a freak. If it were a black eye, that would be cool, but instead I look like I have a sty somewhere other than where a normal sty would be. At least I had platelets before Taytay decided to attack me viciously.

I hate it when you watch a movie and you feel so. fucking. bad. for the character, like, you die a little inside. If I just watch brainless Jerry Bruckheimer films, I'll never have that problem.

In other brilliant news...wait. There is no brilliant news. Softball practice in an hour.

But oh! Brilliant quote of the day: "It's a fleet of bright yellow cars"
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