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With rad show like this, hearing loss is worth it...right?

The Wobblies show was fucking awesome.

My favorite line of the night: "Where's the fourth band member?" shouted out.


I know nothing.

It was tres fab. Of course, with Andy out of The Wobblies (the fourth member), there was only AJ, Ty, and Charlie. Upon first seeing AJ, of course, I ran up to him and gave him a huge ass hug. He's so rad.

I had called Andy earlier asking him if he was gonna go to the show, because I "had a present for him". He didn't show up. That's fine, I won't give him the 3-D glasses that I cut out of a Fruit by the Foot box.

Show was so. fucking. rad. Oh, and at Suz's mention, we almost took home Axes of Evil. Because they needed a place to stay. Rad people, gotta say. They just wanted to stay and party and we were just gonna go home. But nontheless, a rad Washington band.

And totally one of the Wobblies' best shows. They were so tight, I can tell that it'll work out for them (AJ and I were talking after the set about their songs, I mentioned some of them had changed, and he was all "yeah, you of all people would know!"). Totally stoked to catch them in Eugene! Me's loves my boys.

Ummm...yeah. Rad show. Rad people. Saw Kimberly there (from Paradiso). I know something you don't know.

Oh, and victory is mine! because I got a lot of (free) merch last night. Two shirts, and two CDs (one of which I had to bribe Wobblies' bassist Charlie for).


Something happened this morning which I don't know if it's good or bad. But it's sure there.

I'm starting to consider going friends-only. Or a majority of my posts. *shrugs* I didn't want to do it before, but so often I end up locking posts anyway due to "people" content. Maybe I just shouldn't God Mod?

Edit: In regards to two of you asking about the title and the title in general: I'm pretty sure that I've experienced hearing loss anyway. I had tubes put in my ears as a small child because I had ear infections all the time and then I played trumpet in marching band for six years (i.e. I was a high brass (strike one) right in front of the percussion (strike two)). And then there's the shows. So uh...yeah...I probably should get it figured out.
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