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Life is good.

I refuse for this LJ to be just about one thing and nothing else. Especially when that one "thing" isn't as bad as I make it out to be. I think maybe I expect too much sometimes. I said I was upset, and by that I spoke "my truth" (or so the Mother Unit would tell me).

Life is good. Discussed religion (Buddhism). It was quite amusing/enlightening. Who'd have thunk, out of all the things to sit in a car and enjoy a lighthearted debate about for about an hour and a half? Buddhism, like being punk, is one of those things that, by defining it and claiming it, you are the antithesis of that because a buddhist, like a punk, would never define themselves as that. And that whole existentialism thing.

I got some Oregon Peas that I'm going to plant, along with the lighter that I planted two weeks ago (and by planting the lighter, I mean I set a lighter in a potted plant that i have outside and Suz said that "once that lighter grows that you planted out front...") um yeah. It was funnier at the time.

Dizzam, I could totally go for some ice cream right now.

OMG, thanks to

Sarah ewanioangal. Wouldn't tell me who she was, I had to listen to her message a gajillion times to realize what she was saying! OMG your voice is teh adorable!!

Brigette julietbac. I'd called her earlier today, telling her the infamous snot story. She has an adorable crisp voice.

Ruth blaze2242 - she called me not only to do the meme, but ask about HPUO. I really hope you got mine and my roommate's message reply as we sung hanson.

Jenny sparklyjazz She rambled. It was incredibly adorable. That was by far the longest, but also very very cuuuute!! I looove your voice!

Ponks ponkie She just got a new cell phone!! Her message was short and cute, the way I like them!! Voice = totally not what I expected, but freaking adorable!!

Lukas riemtheblue Holy crap, your voice is adorable! You had such cute things to say, I even had my roommate listen to your message because you were so cute we were squeeing over you!!

Dave i_dont_know He tried, but I answered the phone. I thought it had something to do with softball, APO, or his birthday saturday.

Life is good.
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