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Wow. Montana was soooo much fun. Well, kind of. When we picked Paul up, oh, god, it was weird. He grabbed for my hand, and then we just, like, started making out. He told me that he loved me and called me baby and cradled me in his arms for the whole sixteen hour drive. that was weird. and then, when we got there, he was the one who made the sleeping arrangements. There were three of us in a camper, with a bed and a couch. Guess which two people slept in the bed together. Go figure. So, the first night we were there, we snuggled and kissed, too. But, by day, he was a complete asshole. And, then all the night stuff stopped. At first, it was harmless bickering. But, by the time we dropped him off yesterday, I didn't even want to talk to of the other guys, John, says that our bickering relationship was a lot to the tho people in Buffalo 66. Gonna have to rent that one. Everyone that we talked to (a lot of Paul's friends, since Paul had told them that he was bringing part of the band, him and john -black crome vs. death mask) always asked the same two questions. 1)So, are you in the band, too? 2) Which one are you hooked up with? It was great. Everyone thought Paul, of course. Even his own brother. But, alas, he was an asshole, and if he still wants to hang out with me, he can get ahold of me. He is moving in with icky justin, and i don't want to call him.
We went tandem riding. Guess who I was tandem was way fun, though. I haven't ever done it before. God, why doesn't he just get rid of his non-existant girlfriend and get with me? Well, as long as he isn't an ass. I mean, obviously he has already cheated on her, just get it over with!!!!
We stayed in Portland overnight after we dropped Justin and Paul off in Vancouver ( I am with John). John dropped me off at Reed college to stay the night with my friend Sarah. It was fucking rad. It was great to see her (well, it has only been a week), and we went out to this fat-ass party. No one cares if you drink or smoke pot, so everyone walks around after-hours with beers anyway. God, I am gonna miss her!!! Then, after we were afraid that the party was gonna get busted, we came back to the common room of the dorm, drank some more, and hung out with a bunch of cool people. It was rad. we got to bed around's too early, John!
Oh, well, I can't wait to get home. I miss my mommy!!!JK. no ,really, I haven't washed my hair in a week. Kinda icky. Oh, well. yeah for home!
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