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"Yeah, well Kansas is a mess, there's a big crease through Witchita"

Sometimes I wonder what the point of having friends is. You'll inevitably end up losing them, whether naturally or otherwise.

It's the same with pets. I wonder what the point is of having a cat if they only live 14 years if you're lucky. Is fourteen years worth it if you'll lose the closest creature to you?

I've started a new project, despite today's apathy and general feeling like I want to axe kick the world. And believe me, if the world could be axe kicked, I would do it. It needs it.

Anyway, I discovered that there are twin mounted canvases for 30% off at the bookstore. So I bought one set of two and some cardstock. In my Easter Basket, my mom *ahem* Easter bunny* gave me water color pencils. So you draw it and then add water and it's nifty. I started something super introspective. Naima and I will soon have a painting party. I need it like whoa.

Today was the first time in over a year that I regretted becoming an Anthropology major - I wish I had chosen Geology/Vulcanology. Damnit, dude, did I spell that right? It looks like I want to study Vulcans. *ponders* that too.

Y'all seen Twister? The bad guy, Jonas, played Wesley in "The Princess Bride".

I think I want a pair of coveralls. Preferrably in my size but with some crazy ass name like "Floyd" or "Bill" or something.

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