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is this adulthood? I changed my mind, I don't want it anymore, you can have it back kthx.

Stolen from mirawhisperwind

01. Post a list of 10 TV shows you watch (current or cancelled!)
02. Have your friends list guess your favourite CHARACTER from each show
03. When guessed, tell us why you like that character.

1) Malcolm in the Middle <- Dewey, guessed by the_duke

I <3 Dewey. He's like Amelia Bedelia in a way. He's got crazy antics and is just freaking ADORABLE.

2) ER <- Carter. Guessed by mirawhisperwind
The one that I chose just because he's HOT. I like how he's a real character with real problems. I sure did wish that him and Abby would hook up for real. *le sigh*

3) Star Trek: Voyager <- Torres, guessed by the_duke

B'elanna has got to be one of the strongest leads in Star Trek history. She's got a really solid background and she is an amazing engineer, which is usually a man's territory. Her and I are a lot alike in many ways - we both had unique upbringings and are struggling to find ourselves. She's super hardcore, yet makes time for Paris. <3

4) Star Trek: DS9

5) X-Files <- Scully, guessed again by the_duke

She's hardcore and knows her shit. She's a lot like McGonagall. Wow, I've never made that correlation before now. Go me.

6) Judging Amy

7) King of the Hill

8) That 70's Show Eric, guessed by mirawhisperwind

Eric, for sure. He's hilarious. He looks like my ex boyfriend, Chance, and has the same goofy, tall-skinny-boy complex. I love how insecure he is, and he can pitch a bitch fit better than any girl I know.

9) Quintuplets

10) The Daily Show <- Jon. Guessed by edouard_stevew

Jon is fabulous. He could be like, The God of Political Satire in the pantheon. He is a God. I would classify him as a sex god not because he is teh sex, but because knowledge is power, and power is sexy. And Jon Stewart is all of that.


I met another one of my lovely flisters! edouard_stevew and I had coffee this morning, and we sat there for over an hour just getting to know eachother. Whee! A new friend! It was fun, good getting to know him and we have so many mutual friends. Crazylikewhoa.

My patience is wearing thin. I've gotten over a lot of shit this term. I'm not unique. One in three people will get cancer. That's nothing new. I'm not the unique snowflake everyone always tells you that you are. It's whatever path that was predestined for me. I realize that. I've become stronger. Some people become stronger through life, death, sprituality, pink fuzzy bunnies, or whatever. This was my path. Patience for people who judge you based on your physical appearance, people who just totally don't understand, people who are just assholes in general...Although, all you whiny bastards (Good Charlotte, All American Rejects, etc)...go have cancer and then write whiny, bitchy songs. I dare you.

I'm so fucking ready for my little jaunt to Seattle. Fuck everything. I just finished week 1 of my spring term and I'm already ready to be done with it all - the treatments, the fragility (is that a word?), the pokes in the arm every week, the classes, the commitments, the obligations, the expectations...Is this what growing up is about? I changed my mind, you can have adulthood back, kthx.

Indigo District + Coco Rum = Suz speshope dancing. So. Fun. :-)

Edit I love lame-o flaky people. Oh, wait, just kidding.
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