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hmm...wondering if colin hates me. Oh, well. It's sad and I am kind of freakin' out, but it's all good.

Hung out with Andrea today. Damn girl, I love you! Hope things are getting better!

Got pissed at Colin so I went out to a movie with my friend Andy, from work. A different one from the last entry. It was fun. He is a cool guy. Before the movie, we watched the stars with his twin brother.

I have cramps like there is no tomorrow. And Roger won't do anything about it!

Sean emailed me today saying that he might move. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! I can't handle him moving unless it is closer to me! I miss that guy sooo fucking much! Hot dizzam!!!

well, my thoughts aren't straight right now between talking to triston, andy, sarah, naima, and suz all at once on AIM, so I will finish later when I am being anti social.
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