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Don't make someoneyour priority when you are merely an option

Dear all the sets of twins I know,

Thank you for doing whatever you did so now I can tell you apart. Especially Becky/Christy and Alisha/Bri. My brain loves you.




Funny how life works out. My ex boyfriend, the least sexual person I know, knocked a girl up and married her and I got cancer. The most stable couple I know just broke up. I have the most mundane job in the world and I love it. WTF?

The best piece of advice my mom ever gave me: Don't fall in love with musicians. *snorts*

I had more to say. I'm trying NOT to clog my flist with worthless posts, but I'm failing miserably. It's about this time that I would say I'll take an LJ hiatus, but that would be impossible, as I have responsibilities. Yes, I do. On LJ. Shut up.

*shrugs* fuck this shit man, I'm out.
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