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Are you gonna waste your time? Gotta make a move...

I have a job!! And it doesn't have anything to do with food! I got hired on the spot today during my interview at Student Life. Amelia Worth, Paper Pusher. Woot!! I wore this really cute outfit, but in the end, the coat ripped and the shoes gave me a blister. At least the first impression was worth it!

I went to visit Kathy today in the hospital. I could never even try to visit her as much as Andy visited me - he not only literally saved my life but then came to visit me almost every day in the hospital. She's an amazing woman who really doesn't need me to bring her anything - but she has a photo that I took up included in the mass of photos up on her wall. She's wonderful. The very least I can do is go see her as much as I can.

Speaking of Andy, I called him today. I had to. I told him I would anyway, but just to tie up loose ends, I did. And I told him that. I told him that we could still be friends but for my sanity, that was all we could be. It felt good. I feel good. I invited him to go to a Cherry Poppin' Daddies show on 4/1 (we went to see them about seven months ago, too).

Hot Jon wants to live on my couch. I vote NO.

Ummm...that's it. I called Target Matt and left a message. I have a job. I feel good. Resolution.

PS: I picked up my roll of film!!

First off, the much anticipated quote for ROSIE!!

Image hosted by

I was messing around with aperture and shutter speed. I am thinking of submitting them in a contest online. Any comments?

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by
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