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Ahh, mondays. Gotta love 'em.

Things are better since that last spree in my last entry. I was just being dumb because someone here takes me way too seriously. I love her to death, but I am tired of begging her to be my friend. Sometimes I feel like I am not good enough for her. Things will get better, I hope. Her and I are just really strong willed and opinionated, and we clash because we are a lot alike a lot of the time. We are both capricorns. Go figure.

Seven days.

Haven't seen Colin since Friday night. It's all good. Logan and Naima and I enjoyed the sunshine yesterday and it was cool. Just a few of us. I love sunny days. Him and I both need our space.

This is sooo relaxing, sitting here in the sun listening to a capella, when I should be studying for my astro midterm. I love my teacher for that class. He is soooo fun!

Saw Andy last night. The bassist for Avagadro's #, Paul's band. He was visiting Monica, his gf who used to be a bitch to me till this past summer when she realized that I was kinda sorta with paul and that I wasn't that big of a loser that she thought I was. Or maybe she just came back down to earth. I don't know. Either way. She is in my astro class.

Hung out with Andrea sat. night. It was good. And I went to a movie with MY hoes friday night. Girl time is always good. I hope things get better for my wonderful E-ho!!!

I am sooo glad that Ashli moved in. Somehow, it just works out. We don't hang out that much and we don't talk in excess (I know, amelia? Not talk???), but we are good together. She is kinda missing seattle, though, I hope that her and I can hang out more. I don't hold it against her that she is a gemini, I haven't really seen that side yet, except maybe the whole drinking and being a good little girl thing, but I think that is normal. Oh, well. she is cool.

Hmm...there are soo many other things that I should be doing now more than this entry. But isn't that how it always is? I am too content to bother my karma with actual work. Or something like that. Maybe I will play some solitaire. I told Sean that he should come visit me here. I wonder if he actually will.
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