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Suz and I are watching Star Trek Voyager, and somehow, it comforts me. This was my baby, I grew up with this show, I started it from the beginning. In these next few days I'll need the comfort.

Sarah, the amazing little_s42 came to visit me last night.

Sarah: Whee! It's spring break!
Me:'s Sunday...
Sarah:'s spring break!

So we went out last night. And ended up meeting two nasty ass drunk guys who tried to "pick us up." Once Mr. Montana warned me that he was going to kiss me, we decided to leave. The bartender at Taylor's was pretty nice, though, he said he'd protect us from them. But no. Just no.

I'm boring. I'll have more to say on Thursday. Or maybe not anything at all...

oh, btw, whee! I'm a junior now!!

PS: My CB kids - there's been a slight change in plans...

(LJ sucks and ate that other entry, but I managed to copy and paste...)
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