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I just saw someone I know on TV and it was't local! whee!!

OMG. I'm watching High Five, Marshfield is on TV, and Erin Young just answered a question!!! OMG!! (Luke Soules' little sister is on there, too, and some other kids I don't recognize). OMG!! Marshfield won today!

Okay, back to the intended post. Which wasn't really much, I just didn't update yesterday. Not that I've really had much to update. I spent 10 hours over at Craig/Ryan's, losing my Buffy virginity. We watched the entire first season. It was pretty good, can't complain.

And then when I came home I didn't want to dream about vampires and anything that would be associated with Hellmouth, so I thought about a different kind of hell - my hell. And dreamt about it. I woke up confused - did I really lay down the law with him, or was it a dream? Did I really say what I did? Did I really run after him crying while pyramids were being built in the background? Did we really run through the papyrus and sit at the water's edge contemplating it all? Good to know.

The potential highlight of my day will be walking down to starbucks for a coffee. Who wants to do something together tonight?
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