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Oh GOD that shot of 151 was rough. And yes, it's only noon thirty. It was the "I'm SO FUCKING DONE with finals week" shot. Of course, I never really felt like it started, so wtf?

IMPORTANT: I'm alone this weekend. The Roommate speshope is trekking up to the Land of Port so I'm gonna be all by my onsies. Who wants to come keep me company (or at least take me out somewhere)? I texted the boy telling him to come to Eugene and keep me company, but he hasn't responded. Did he not get it? balls.

So. Fucking. DONE!!!! I met with Nick the GTF a little bit ago, so we could take a stroll to the scheduling office to schedule meetings for NWPCS.

did you know that the university condones animal testing on primates and has a lab full of caged monkeys on campus?

Does this make you mad? That's what NWPCS (Northwest Primate Conservation Society) is all about. We want to change that. Nick was about to show me an article that he wrote about how little is actually accomplished by testing on primates, but the office was closed and we weren't supposed to be there.

Oh fuck. Feeling the 151.

PS: Happy Patrick's day.
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