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Ain't ain't a word.

back home (Eugene home). Where the grass is dying from lack of rain and the nasty ass girls are wearing nasty ass punani skirts in march. In fact, it's SO dry that I got a bloody nose today. How does that happen? Holy crap. Rain, bitch, RAIN.

Kitten's with the 'rents. I miss him.

*urgle* I really hate drama. I love my position, I really do, and honestly, it's nothing. Being a headmistress is just fabulous and I'm glad I got the chance to do this. But seriously, when every single decision I make is questioned...everything I say has to be questioned by someone. Playing house favorites. Falsifying points. Discouraging votes. Bad sorting. Bending rules. Choosing student favorites. I'm SO over everyone badgering me (yes, that term is in the rules at CH).

Suz and I have been watching the first (and ONLY) season of Firefly. It's like the spawn series of Star Trek and some weird western - it's like a special version of Space Cowboys - the REAL version. It's pretty good, but since they're outlaws or cowboys or whatnot, they have really poor english. For someone who entered the university as an English major, it's really grating to hear that cute little girl say "ain't" over and over. OMG. I die a little inside each time I hear Kaylee the Engineer say "ain't" in a sentence. So glad I'm not a fan of Clint Eastwood movies. Edit: and the double negatives. Oh bother.

All this and I should be studying. The end.
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