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Slytherin me!
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I made this one:
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I dunno...I definately wear too much black. I can't help it if it matches everything!

ponkie made me this way:
Image hosted by

I made an Andrea demonic_raisin but then I realized that it looks nothing like her and gave up on the rest of my friends...
Image hosted by

I'm a doll failure. haha.

dude. It's effing addicting. go here:

a) make your doll
b) push "print screen" (it's by the F keys). That copies it to your computer.
c) go to a program like paint or photoshop. Go to "edit" then click on "paste."
d) crop it to the doll.
e) save it and put it on a photobucket (or you can email it to me and I'll put it in my photobucket)

I wanna see what you all make!
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