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If I were God thou shalt not worship false Billy Idols

Hung out with the boy yesterday. He's not gonna tour with the band any more. huh.

Yup. I'm a boring person. Spent the bulk of yesterday afternoon after I got back from hanging out with andy on the balcony with my nifti wifi and suz. I managed to not turn my pasty white skin into a crisp, which was surprising regardless of amount of sunscreen I lathered upon my skin. The hotties from down the stairs somehow got up onto the roof, which wouldn't have surprised me (Dan and Leona and Hot John did it last year), but they were drinking and playing football. On the roof. Bad combo. But sitting out there was definately pleasant.

Oh oh oh! Spent almost an hour on the phone with my lovely Andrea demonic_raisin last night. God I miss my girly talk - Suz knows everything that's going on in my life because I usually talk her ear off whether she wants to hear it or not! Just excited for this weekend, hitting the CB bars *snorts* yup and the wedding *insert another snort here* and not going insane because I get to go home. Haven't been home all term.

More oh oh ohs!! I'm going to Seattle sometime next term!! I'm so excited, Kathy (my other stem cell transplant buddy) is out of remission (that's not the exciting part, I promise), but she's going up to get another stem cell transplant up at john hopkins (that's right, right? Cuz...I'm right?) and then johnvscancer is gonna be there soon, too. So at a point when they're both there (John'll be there for a while, outpatient's a bitch, lemme tell ya), I'm gonna go see them. It gets better! I get to meet Sterling ziggystarmod!!! And and and Heather lady_mei!!!! I can't believe it! Three LJ friends, and being there for Kathy who could be my *counts* fourth mommy? (First being Mom, second being Kym, third being Linda Dawson)...that was a digression. Anyway! Yay Seattle!!

Edit Two mini rants:

a) there's a woman in my stupid fucking biological anth class that is such a freaking...grr..she always has shit to say, and yet it always seems that NONE of it is either relevent OR intelligent. Please. Go have cancer and THEN come back and talk about it like you did today. Trick ass ho.

b) why do people PICKET when they need to be sitting down at a table, hashing out what they want? Stupid LTD fuckers stand around and gossip and picket. If it were me (or a Ferengi - my nerd quotient just went up), I would have this shit worked out by now. I would have implored (three times in one week) them to sit down and not leave till a solution was met. Not this pansy ass picketing shit. I saw a picketer in line at the hotdog stand - yeah, they have to eat too but it's ridiculous.

the end.
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