November 30th, 2006

glam amelia

Another Quick Note

Everyone attending the Eugene Celebration is encouraged to bring pictures they might have of Amelia and other people. Several people have mentioned that they wish they had pictures of Amelia or pictures of Amelia and themselves. I'm rounding up pictures that Amelia's taken of herself and other folks, but if anyone else has some those would be totally welcome too.

I'm not asking that you give up your only copy of a picture, but if you have an extra copy or want to get an extra copy and bring it along, I'm planning to have a table where they're set out and people can lay claim on them. (which, if you're coming and have a clipboard in your possession, would you comment? Because I'm going to need one or two for people to write their claims on)

Though if you do have singular copies and trust me not to lose them, feel free to bring them with your name and address on the back and I'll scan them onto a computer and then send them back to you.

If you think you want a picture, I am pulling a lot of them (if not most of them) from her photobucket, so if you want to skip the middlewoman, you could go straight there. There are also a lot of lovely pictures of Amelia alone there. All I ask is that if you take a picture from her photobucket for something other than personal use, be sure to credit her as photographer if it's something she took.