November 22nd, 2006


(no subject)

With the internet now returned (it had been in Amelia's name and they disconnected it), I come bearing news.

Official time and place for the Eugene Celebration of Life:

It will be held in the GERLINGER LOUNGE on the University of Oregon campus. It will start at 3PM. I am estimating an hour or less of things involving a pastor type person talking and a slideshow to music, and then from there it will be talking and hanging out and having the best time we can in Amelia's honor.

So if you can only make it for an hour, 3-4 would be the more formal part to come to and after would be food and friends.

Speaking of food, since it's on campus, they get a little nervous about health violations and such, so I'm going to ask that people bring store bought snacks if they can bring something. Chips, things from the bakery or deli... that sort of thing. I'm not sure yet if I will need drinks, but I will keep you updated.

And please spread the word. I think there's going to be something in the Register Guard about it, but how many students read The Register Guard, let alone the obituary section of it?

So, that's all I can think to say about that at the moment. Any questions, feel free to comment. I'm going home for Thanksgiving, so I won't be able to check my email as regularly as I usually do, but I will be checking it.