October 7th, 2006

bird amelia

Day 39

I must say, I got a LOVELY package from miss Andrea! Thank you so much, Luv! My only problem with sending you a thank you card is I only have a few stamped thank you cards left, and I'm afraid I've already sent you something similar with a monkey attached. Haven't I? I can't send you another monkey! OH NOES!

And a big fucking HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Suz, who, with Matty and Sarah, were just here for a little bit. It was sooooo good to see everyone and to hear what everyone's been up to and I have a new naughty postcard from sarah that I can hang on my bathroom door with all the other ones that all the medical professionals can giggle at.

She had sent me pix of the attempt to hike the South Sister and one of them has Matty looking to the mountain saying "I think we're going to die" and the South Sister saying "Bring it, BITCHES," which the medical professionals' eyes always drift to and then you hear this little giggle and then "where was this?" and clearly can't tell that the picture right next to that one isn't me, but is, indeed, Sarah my roommate who has daaark brown hair and is like half my size.

AND they're going to attempt to get me ANOTHER nosering from High Priestess, because the other one was mad at me and gave me an infection and I had to try to take it out and it was just a BAD idea and...yeah. My nurse felt guilty, but she bought me owie jewelry. Doc won't let me keep taking out and putting in something so close to the nasal cavity of doom. Will just have to fucking get it repierced when I get better. One more reason to LIVE!!! LIVE!!!!

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