October 2nd, 2006


Day 35

Officially the longest I've ever been in the hospital (well, we actually passed that date like almost a week ago, but whatever).

Transplant in two weeks. Think I'll get out before then at this rate?

...me either.

I must say, though, the chemo regimen I've endured has done wonders for hair removal, (what feels like a) chemical peel, weight loss, and for some CRAZYASS reason, my nails always grow really fast on chemo.

Oh yeah, and someone stole all my piercings.

I shit you not.

I had to take them out for surgery, so I took everything out (except for my tragus, because we've tried and tried and tried to get it out...) and put them in a little cuppy thing. And then, because I'm an idiot, I put them in a glove and put them on my dresser thingie.

Back to my senses, and I find out the glove is GONE. I had a major fucking freak out, dropped more than a few f-bombs (and OMG these walls are SO THIN). My nurse finally realizes what's going on, and calms me down, pointing out the overtly obvious that anyone who's in and out of my room and cares about cleaning (like the half a dozen cleaning ladies I get in here every day, plus the nurses and CNA's) and I think she felt guilty. She asked me what kind of jewelry I had. I was mostly worried about my nose ring and the whatever-the-hell-you-call-it-nowadays in my right ear. The bottom holes and my left cartilage, I'm not too worried about it. I might even have some studs in my bag or something.

So the nose ring isn't exactly what I had before but the whosie-whatsit is the right size. I only worry that they're good pieces of jewelry and won't make my ears bleed. Although, I'm on some badass antibiotics, so maybe this is a good thing? Ugh. I'm such a whiner.

Also, um, YAY!!!! I get Suz for her birthday! Why hang out in Eugene when you can kick it with your non-sexual life partner...in...a hospital?! That's RIGHT!!
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