September 28th, 2006

amelia coast

Day 31

I've been selfish.

Selfish with what I post, selfish with how I feel, but the truth is I feel like crying at the drop of a pin. I've been selfish thinking I can get through this without telling the truth to the world, advocating things that should be advocated for.

But the truth is, I'm not ready yet.

But I think one part of it is that I'm afraid I won't get to see some friends when I go back. I'm going to be here for so long that I worry things will be so different when I get back.

I wanted to see Andy so badly that I let/told/had/wanted him to come in today. After a week and a half of not seeing him. Goddamnit, his cough was worth it. I will either get an infection and not get out for transplant, or my body will be it's usual bad ass self and not even get sick.

Mostly for those who were in band at MHS or otherwise are familiar with 20th Century Russian composers

As I was watching "Troy" the other day, (I almost flipped a shit when I thought I hadn't brought it with me)...what? I need my fill of goodhorrible epic movies!! Anyway, I had decided to wiki the Illiad (since um, my copy is not here and has about 12892138923 more characters and love triangles than our beloved 2004 summer blockbuster) and Troy, and, I am SO RAD. I'd been saying since the beginning that James Horner (composer of "Titanic", "Enemy at the Gates," "The Perfect Storm" and "Apollo 13", among others) stole the main horn theme (which belonged to none other than moi for two seconds when Travis was sick one day) from Shostakovich's Symphony #5.

So I was wikiing (is that a word yet?) "Troy" and it even says it on the wiki page. Ha. And yes, I just totally downloaded the whole album on Itunes.

So IF I ever get out of here and IF I ever graduate and IF I ever go to graduate school, I think I want to study ancient Roman/Greek/not the Americas. Let me point out two things though: a) I wanted to change my major six times, and b) it would mean I don't think I could stay in Oregon to do that kind of work.

So that's my not-hospital story for today. That is all.
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