September 24th, 2006

amelia coast

Voice Post: (fixed tag)

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“Hey, it's Amelia. I haven't been online for a couple days cause my freakin internet doesn't work! I've been here for two months and now they say there's no internet on this floor - freakin me out!

So... it's day 27 - let's see... yeah, day 27 and my counts were going up for a while, but then they decided to just vomit all over me and take a plunge. So now I'm back where I started, more blood transfusions, umm, my white blood count was doing really well and then it just decided to go to less than point one. So I'm not sure how that's possible, but it's possible.

So here I am, like I said, day 27. We already have a transplant date, which is October 16th. So here I am maybe, maybe not, going to get out before. I hope I can because Suzie's birthday is on the 7th, and I really want to see her! And thank you so much for the livejournal number, because I'm a screw up and hey, couldn't get online and ... pissed off, the whole online thing.

I totally watched a bunch of cool movies today and a bunch of like, Mythbusters I think it is, and like watched the Discovery Channel and I totally like wanted to Google and Wikki stuff, but no, oh no, the one time Amelia wants to actually learn and research stuff, can't happen because she doesn't have thhe freakin internet! I don't know what I'm doing, I've been bored fucking stiff all day long! Been reading, keeping myself company by reading Movies in 15 Minutes, which you all should check out online, <lj-user name="m15m">.

Ummm, I actually tried to take pictures of bubbles, because one of the CNA's got me this little bubble kit. Like pictures of bubbles in the afternoon sunlight, but then i realized that you have to have both the bubbly things and the camera to your face, so that wasn't really going to work that way. Can't say I'm too sad because, hey, I can't post them on the internet!

I haven't seen Andy in, like, a freakin week. He's been sick and I hope he can come in tomorrow, and not only see me and love me and snuggle me... but fix my freakin internet! Cause it's fucking driving me crazy! So I apologize if ya'll have emailed me like super important stuff. Especially Collin - I wanted to reply to your entry I saw a couple days ago, but hey, I have no freakin internet! So, um, just know that I'm thinking about you, and I hope my internet comes back soon.

Thank you all that have sent me wonderful wonderful gifts! I'm not even going to try to name everbody because I would most likely leave somebody out, most likely... leave somebody out, there ya go.

Oh, a couple days ago I actually shaved my head - shaved it all the way off. It's fucking cold - my head is cold at night! I should wear the beanie that I got from Ms Jecka, but I dunno, I'd probably get too hot.

So, um, yeah, that's my world right now. I haven't had any visitors, unfortunately, for a couple days. My Dad got married - I already called that out, though. A is coming on the first, so it will be a good couple of days to see him. Yeah, so hopefully my internet comes back. And thank you all, for everything. Yeah, okay, bye.”

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