September 11th, 2006

amelia coast

Day 14

Andy's sitting here, watching "Pimp My Ride" and just knowing that he's here for me is comforting. I called him, practicallywildly in tears this morning about the impending doom that is the biopsy later this week. It just feels like so much hinges on the biopsy's results - will the chemo have worked this time? That's just one of the questions I've had running through my head.

I don't know why it was so bad this morning...I had a party in here last night and I slept really well...and then I wake up and the water works start.

So yes. Party. Andy had brought Justin and we played some bed Yahtzee (bed Yahtzee is always better than regular Yahtzee because you can use your discretion if a die is on it's side precariously or whatnot. Always better.) Then Jess and Toby came later and it was nice to forget that I've been here for two weeks and that I don't have cancer and that I haven't racked up more hospital time than most people who work at this damn place.

aw well. back to the beautiful boy I'm ignoring right next to me.
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