September 9th, 2006

house party

day 12

I'm a horrible, intermittent updater. Mostly because my days go something like this: wake up at 730, breakfast an hour later, andy comes for a little bit and we watch movies or whatnot, then Kym comes in the afternoon, and then I pass out super early.

Last night my temp was up to 102.2. It's now down to something like 99.8 but still. "Ow" says my head.

I forgot to share this gem so I guess it's good I'm updating:

Andy and I were snuggling in my bed (as much as you can, and it wasn't even lengthwise, we were perpendicular to the bed, using a bunch of pillows and the sidebar as a loungery type thing.

In walks the cancer gaggle. The head doctor for that day, Dr. Leice, asks in this "I am God" booming voice, "Who is this?"

"Um, this is my boyfriend, Andy."

"You weren't doing any hanky panky were you?" I looked at him bewildered. We've known for quite some time that I can pass chemo to him through mucus membranes, so we're GOOD.

He continues. "Because I had a 22 year old patient who was doing the hanky panky in the hospital and she got an infection and she died."


who has sex in hospitals?! Okay, don't answer that.

I rhink he was just trying to intimidate me. He pulled a "House."

And damnit, he was really good at it.
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